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Chrissa Hardy

Freelance Writer and Editor

Chrissa is an editor for Wise Bread, and writer for Bustle and Petcha. Her writing has also been featured on HelloGiggles, BuddyTV, The Liberty Project, and more.

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Delias 6 700x525c article

A love letter to dELiA*s, a brand we'll cherish forever - HelloGiggles

A love letter to dELiA*s, a brand we'll cherish for...

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25 Fun Bits of Oscar Trivia

THE OSCARS® ARE COMING! Who's excited? Clearly I am, and I hope you are too. This is Hollywood's biggest night of the year. The flash, the gowns, the golden statues! It's all so fabulous. And we get to see the hard work of elite members of the film industry rewarded...

Jake johnson damon wayans jr lets cops films lscpagbd5qdl article

Watch ‘New Girl’s Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. in a Movie Together

Well, this is pretty freaking exciting. If you enjoy the banter between Nick and Coach on New Girl (which we do), then you're surely going to be jumping for joy (which we are – right now), when you see the trailer for their new buddy comedy, Let's Be Cops, in...

Shutterstock 108467141 622x525c article

9 Oscar Acceptance Speeches That Will Give You Happy Tears

The time has come for our favorite famous faces to tearfully express their gratitude for winning their well-deserved Oscar® statues. And I cannot handle a second of it without weeping uncontrollably. What is it about seeing someone cry that makes another person cry? Does this happen to you too? I...

V4gg200212996 20130607 article

Item of the Day: Dogeared Heart Ring

I genuinely enjoy buying things for myself with my own money. I mean, who doesn't, right? But it's been a simple pleasure that I've loved since I started my first job in high school. Within reason, and whenever appropriate, you should Treat Yo Self. Whenever you're having a bad day,...

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7 Unlikely Oscar Friendships

What's the best thing about award shows? The dresses are fun to check out, sure. Seeing the awards handed out to deserving individuals in the film industry is cool too, I guess. Listening to Jennifer Lawrence talk about how hungry she is will no doubt life your spirits. But there's...

Text chat email cropped article

Item of the Day: “Text/Chat/Email” by Erin Mallory Long

As digitally connected as I am, I still have trouble determining which form of communication is the most appropriate for each daily situation. Most of the time, I prefer email. But which bits of info should be reserved for chat? Or better said over text? It's a struggle. And after...

Tastenirvana article

Item of the Day: Taste Nirvana Coconut Water

I can't drink plain water. I just can't do it. I need a little flavor. But when it comes to flavored beverages, I'm extremely picky and demand a healthy option. My chosen form of hydration needs to contain zero artificial flavors or sketchy chemicals. If I can find something that's...

Dkxbia fall 2013 lookbook 700x525c article

Item of the Day: Dear Kate Underwear

Why do I spend so much time each day selecting wardrobe items from my closet (that will perfectly compliment my mood and planned activities), but I spend so little time on finding quality underwear? Underwear is the first thing I put on before the timely outfit selection process begins, yet...

Design history article

Item of the Day: Design History

I tend to base my overall cheeriness on whether or not I can wear a sweater that day. Sounds a little loco, right? Let me break it down. If it's sweater weather, that means it's cool outside. Not too hot, not too cold – just right. And if it's not...

V day combo box 2 article

Item of the Day: Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes

Good news, guys. Human companions are no longer necessary in celebrating Valentine's Day. You are wonderful and it doesn't matter one bit if you have a date this year or not. And also, Magnolia Bakery has an online store. Who needs a boyfriend when you can have the best salted...

Nydailynews article

Thanks for Your Thanks: The Best Speeches of The Golden Globes

I love acceptance speeches at award shows. More specifically, I love crying to acceptance speeches at award shows. When one of your favorite actors wins for a project you enjoyed, you feel like you're sharing that moment with them. And those moments are emotionally vulnerable ones to share. The collection...

18392 zoom1 1 700x525c article

Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas For All Us Slackers

Guys, it's June already. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN? It seems like just last week I was snuggled up in an oversized cardigan drinking a cinnamon latte. Oh wait. I do that year-round like some kind of Winterland weirdo. But now it's almost mid-June and Father's Day is just days away. Have...

Fruute 700x525c article

Item of the Day: früute Gourmet Cookies

I'm pretty sure a cookie can put a smile on anyone's face – no matter the situation. Cookies are magnificent and I've developed a mild obsession with gourmet flavors. I mean, present me with anything lavender or salted caramel-flavored and I'll immediately be in danger of drooling in public. When...

Screen shot 2013 09 17 at 10.59.00 am article

Watch Ben Schwartz and Michael Giacchino Remix the “Imperial March” for JJ Abrams

Ben Schwartz (Parks and Rec, House of Lies) and Oscar Award Winning Composer Michael Giacchino (Up, Star Trek, Lost) brainstorm ideas to update the "Imperial March" for JJ Abrams' new Star Wars films. Turns out, JJ was "not interested". (Unintentional special thanks to the genius Bill Murray and Paul Shaffer.) What will they remix...