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Chrissa Hardy

Freelance Writer and Editor

Chrissa is an editor for Wise Bread, and writer for Bustle and Petcha. Her writing has also been featured on HelloGiggles, BuddyTV, The Liberty Project, and more.

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2015 Movie Adaptations Are Going to Be Big! Read These 12 Books Before the Films Come Out To Be Prepared

You’re probably working on your New Year’s resolutions right about now, yes? Well, make a resolution to spend more time with your nose buried in a book, because you’re going to have a lot of reading to do. Not only are there tons of books you’ll want to get your...

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9 Struggles Only Homebodies Understand, Because Wanting to Just Stay In Every Night Is Harder Than It Seems

If you’re a homebody, the struggles of everyday life are real and abundant. The world caters to our needs more than it once did, sure, but homebodies are still pretty far from having it easy. Our special, happy place is at home, where all of our favorite things can be...

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Cat Steals Bed From French Bulldog Puppy, Shows Zero Remorse ...

Chrissa Hardy; 2 weeks ago. 2 0. 102000. After a long day, bed is the only place you want to be. Bed is where you can recharge and begin anew in the morning....

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11 TV Characters Who Love Books Maybe Even As Much as You

The life of a book-lover is a truly adventurous one. We may not be the ones leading the spontaneous journeys into dangerous terrain, or enduring the horrid struggles most teens face in high school, but we get to visualize all of it through the pages of a book, all while...

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13 Books That Will Help You Actually Keep Your Resolutions This Year

Now that it’s 2015, those of us who have been itching for a fresh start are very relieved. Of course, you could pick any day of the year to begin anew, but it’s so much easier when everyone else is in the same boat on January 1. But January isn’t...

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11 New Year's Resolutions Cheese Lovers Should Make to Ensure 2015 Is One Gouda Year

Never has there been a meal that has tasted worse after adding cheese. As cheese lovers, we know this delightful ingredient can take any dish to the next level of nom with just a dash, a few crumbles, or a pinch of the grated variety — which is why if...

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This Dog's Reaction To His Owner Leaving Will Break Your Heart ...

This Dog's Reaction To His Owner Leaving Will Break...

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18 Animals Who Are Seriously Excited About Winter, Because Nothing Is As Amazing As Snow

Experiencing winter when you’re a human is nowhere near as exciting as experiencing winter when you’re a cute fluffy animal. The first snowfall of the year is a pretty rad sight to behold, but for many of us, it’s something we’ve already witnessed this year. It probably happened during the...

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How Do You Break Writer's Block? 13 Books to Bust You Out of a Creative Rut

Why is the creative process such an unpredictable mess sometimes? Well, that’s because there’s no rhyme or reason to it, really. Creativity relies on taking a person’s experiences, interests, and imagination, and using them as tools to build something completely unique out of nothing. And no two...

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10 Stunning Irish Literary Landmarks (and the Books to Read Before You Visit) - BookBub Blog

10 Stunning Irish Literary Landmarks (and the Books...

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24 Gifts For Dad That Are Way Cooler Than The Holiday Tie He Gets Every Year

Have you established your Christmas shopping plan of attack yet? No? That’s OK. It really is. Just because retail brands start pushing their holiday sales earlier and earlier each year doesn’t mean you need to buy everything before December 1 or else you’re screwed. It feels that way though,...

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A love letter to dELiA*s, a brand we'll cherish forever - HelloGiggles

A love letter to dELiA*s, a brand we'll cherish for...

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14 Little Things That No Longer Matter When You Turn 30

For so many of us, turning 30 is a ginormous, spectacular milestone. To some, it’s a bummer because it means they’ve officially gotten “old.” To others, it’s an exciting segue into the next phase of life, where Sunday brunch replaces Friday night ragers and bills are paid in a timely...

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Why 'Parenthood' is One of the Most Important Shows on TV

... is One of the Most Important Shows on TV Thursday, January 08, 2015. Why ' Parenthood' is One of the Most Important Shows on TV. Chrissa Hardy...

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20 Secret Santa Gifts You Can Find For Under $20 On the Interweb

Once the hat filled with names scribbled on tiny pieces of paper gets passed around the office, there’s really no turning back. ‘Tis the season of Secret Santa, and you’ve gotta reach in there and meet your destiny. Whomever you picked will be hoping for a quality gift, and for...